Chinese New Year Celebrations illustrated by artist YuLong LLI

On the occasion of the Chinese New Year, B&B Italia celebrates its community with artist YuLong LLI’s illustrations featuring fortune, prosperity, and longevity.

双喜临⻔ Double Happiness at Your Door.

Wish for double happiness in the new year. Representing joy and luck, a pair of magpies are dancing around the round Allure O’ table and pairs of Flair O’chairs by Monica Armani

吉星高照 Lucky Stars shine on you.

May the new year brings good Fortune (Fu), prosperity (Lu), and longevity (Shou). Lucky stars refer to the three Chinese gods of the stars (Fu, Lu, Shou). While, they are being represented by the pine plant (Fu), bottle gourd/ Hulu (lu) and peach (shou) on the traditional Chinese shelf. Pablo armchair by Vincent Van Duysen with round edges and wood structure is seen to be fitting especially well in a Chinese home.

花开富贵 When Flowers bloom, Fortune comes.

May wealth blooms as flowers blossom. This blessing is referring the new year to be of joy and good fortune, just like when flowers bloom. The illustration features different flowers which represents good luck and prosperity, and are used as decoration for the new year: Chinese sacred lily, peony and moth orchid. The Awa small tables by Naoto Fukasawa are transformed as the stages of these colourful flowers.