Nowness for Camaleonda: Photographers in Focus, Thrive in Vision


NOWNESS, a multimedia cultural platform, has invited four Chinese photographers to interpret Camaleonda, the seating system designed by Mario Bellini in 1970 and re-edited with global success by B&B Italia after 50 years.
Yi Tuo, Luo Yang, Feng Li and Jumbo Tsui described the shape and function of the iconic sofa through their own lens, transporting it to a space of free imagination: the result is a unique and exclusive photographic production, where the personal visual language and sensitivity aesthetics of each photographer underline the versatility of Camaleonda in an original and creative way.


Yi Tuo / Parcel
Specialized in portraying still life, Yi Tuo invites you to imagine Camaleonda as a fruit that experiences three changes in status: from maturity to withering. The outer part undergoes change while the core remains intact. This concept stems from the perception of Camaleonda as a timeless design icon that remains intact throughout its life cycle. The photo triptych can also be read in a backward (rewind) timeline, which is Yi Tuo’s attempt to show the product’s circularity and sustainability.
#space of imagination #icon interpretation #classic
PH: Yi Tuo | AD: KiKi | PH Assistant: JiaQi | Florist: Lumos Flower

Luo Yang / Pearl
Luo Yang underlines the touch & feel of Camaleonda. By creating a soft and natural palette and staging two women, the artist wants to emphasize the softness and versatility of the object. The models interact with the sofa to show the similarity between femininity and Camaleonda: independent but gentle.
#sensation #softness #adatability

PH: Luo Yang | Model: Wenchu, IRIS | PH Assistant: Xiao Tian, Hanyu, Cheng Qian | Post-production: Luo studio | Fashion Credits: RUI

Feng Li / Breeding Ground
With a focus on everyday life in the metropolis, Feng Li always explores the relationship between man and city – how the environment in which one lives shapes individuals and ignites the imagination, and vice versa. His first vision of Camaleonda is that of a sofa like a miniature city, but with a sense of comfort. He sees the city as an island on which everyone tries to build something for himself. By inviting nearby residents to participate in the shoot and using creative props, Camaleonda acts as a stage for reflecting on one’s life and the environment. And to remember to remain humble but to have the courage to explore your emotions.
#space of imagination #freedom
PH: Feng Li | Styling: Frida Liao | Model: Sylvie Yu, AA CHU, Lucas Yee | PH Assistant: XIE MIAOWEI | Fashion Credits: Penultimate, Louis Shengtao Chen

Jumbo Tsui / Sequence 3
Instead of focusing only on the shape of the Camaleonda, Jumbo focuses on the details, observing how the leather upholstery interacts with the capitonné design and the “folds” of the seat. The design and structure of the sofa reminds him of the human body – how our skin naturally presents itself with different lines and textures over the years. Jumbo developed the concept by observing how the surfaces of the human body and of Camaleonda interact, integrate and adapt.
#texture #capitonne #adaptability
PH: Jumbo Tsui | Model: Sales Silva Pedro Augusto M2 | MUA: Wang Min | Hair Stylist: Gu Zixin Salsa Studio | Producer: Mac Zhou Shelter Production