Savi’s Home Decoration


Presented in 1970, Camaleonda makes its comeback this year in celebration of its 50th anniversary.Having through five decades of design history, , Camaleonda is now emerging to our lives in a brand-new way. The new finishes and palette of the 2020 reissue version creatively refresh the original design to add a modern touch to the contemporary design. From shape, color to fabric, you can choose and create any composition for different lifestyles. It becomes popualr among design lovers, and Savislook, the influencer, is also one of them.
From Savi’s perspective, home decoration represents an “extension of self-expression”.B&B Italia invited Savi to feature Camaleonda 2020 as the leading concept,

together with a series of B&B Italia’s representative works, such as Terminal 1 longue, Alanda’18 small table, Gli Scacchi complements, created a special display in the showroom.
Savi’s passion for home decoration has been shown since she built her own house from scratch last year. In addition to the special display here, Camaleonda 2020 also appears in Savi’s home, immersing itself into the unique interior space designed by Savi, adding a touch of classic and dynamic.